Maker War is an open source table top in the epic scale of 6mm.

The idea of the game is to deliver it free of charge and to rely on creative common content.
This is a free Web-App to support the game. Miniatures can be produced with a good household 3D printer, designs are available for download inside this App.
Even without signing up you can access all content including the rulebook and designs for 3D printing. Register to organize your armies and use a tablett (or any other device) as organizer and assistant during the game. You can even make your own factions after your own ideas, given editors and calculators in the App.
„On a quantum level reality does not exist until observed. “
- Professor Andrew Truscott 2015

Maker War is a game of strategy and war set in a far future.
Humanity made advances in technology that allow them to reach distant stars and to explore the universe. While humanity is expanding rapidly they meet other space faring civilizations. As they are met with aggression and attacked seemingly without reason, humanity was not yet aware that they entered an ancient war about who will make reality itself.
Reality is created by observation, this is true down to the laws of nature itself. Humanity formed their reality itself and with each new observation and measurement that verified their view of the world they fortified the same. Alternate realities became impossible as millions of humans witnessed the same observations, the same laws of nature.
But in the depth of space each civilization formed their own distinct reality in just the same way. This led to dramatically different developments in some areas. And the realities of the different races proved to be incompatible. Minor changes in the laws of nature for example could prevent a computer from working or cause a meltdown in a nuclear reactor.
Where two races meet each other their realities meet as well and my cause paradoxes. Some of these are harmless like just a different perception of colour, other could tear apart reality itself.
As the effect is caused just by observation it expands with the speed of light through the universe. The more detailed the observation of other stars, the more colonies humanity establishes the bigger the menaces for other civilizations. Without the option of a peaceful coexistence the races of the universe wage war against each other to make their reality the only reality.
Maker War is a table top game. You play with one or more friends on a large surface like a table without a board and you use miniatures to represent the game. Rules, dices and maybe a tablet are also common tools. An alternate description is as a strategic wargame. This game is still a fictional work. I do not condone war, this is a game for entertainment. So have fun wargaming with Maker War.
Because something like Maker War just doesn’t exist yet. There are several 6mm rule sets, but the first point to set Maker War apart is that it recognizes the possibilities of 3D printers within the years to come. There are no miniatures sold by shops, all designs are freely available and everybody can print his army for free at home. (Well … everybody that owns a good quality household 3D printer and internet)
Another unique point is that the game is creative commons and relies on creative common material. Everybody could expand the game or the universe and publish their work.
The last strong point is the Maker War Web App. This App does not just allow to manage your army in a manner befitting the age of tablets and mobile devices, it is sufficient to play the game on its own, as it also serves as guide through the rules and repository for all 3D designs.
A good 3D Printer indeed cost significantly more than a full army of miniatures in good quality. But it is foreseeable that the prices of 3D printers will go down, while the number of households that own a 3D printer anyway will rise.
All models that are needed to play Maker War will finally be available as 3D designs. You can download them for free and print them with any 3D printer of good quality. This makes the game not only cheap to acquire, but you are independent from vendors, the existence of local shops and already a single printer in your vicinity might be enough.
Of course you can print templates or terrain pieces as well for the game.
Maker War is a wargame. The focus is certainly on mass scale battles with big armies. The game will be won by good strategy which includes tactical movement, resource management, army composition and the ability to react to your opponent. The rules are fluent and designed for hundreds of units on the battlefield. This means that a lone unit doesn’t have much individuality. Some random chance is included but is far from able to win you the game alone.
The combination of different races, distinct troops, supply management und tactical orders allow for endless possibilities.
The game is insofar open source as all rules are available, including documentation on the intention and design process behind some of those. Further I would like to encourage everybody to participate in extending and refining the game. A large amount of interesting material is in the behind the scenes section of the rule book.
The Maker War Web App is free, without any restrictions and created to support wargaming. It includes all rules, allows to assemble your army, organize your collection and assists during a game. It is optimised for tablets to allow to play your table top game in a style befitting the year 2016. Further the Maker War App is the central Repository to download the 3d models.
For most of the interactive functionality you’ll need to register and login to the App. This is required to be able to show your Armies the next time you access the app.
Maker War is available through the creative common license and makes use of creative common resources as well. This means among other things that the game is available for free and that all models and pictures included will have their authors honoured.

Creative Commons License
Maker War by Oliver Werth including all rules, designs and text, except where otherwise noted is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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